Girls Discipleship 101

I remember the first girls discipleship group I ever led. Talk about feeling lost! I didn’t feel qualified. The lesson felt forced. I didn’t particularly like the curriculum and there seemed to be a lack of connection between the girls and I. I felt like I had no idea what I was doing!

After leading girls discipleship groups for the past five years, however, I would now tell you that the overlap between girls ministry and discipleship is my sweet spot. While I’m still learning and tweaking, it has become an incredibly rewarding experience. Some nights I walk out completely giddy as I watch my girls grasp a concept for the first time. 


So if you believe in the importance of discipleship, but have no idea of where to begin – we will be covering “Girls Discipleship 101” over the next few weeks. I’ll walk through one way to begin your own group, troubleshoot common problems and set yourself up for success along the way. Tweak and adjust as needed to fit your needs 🙂


For the planners like me – I have copied below the road map of where we are headed!


Girls Discipleship 101

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