3 Marks of Real Discipleship

Blog Author: Alexandra Busto

My senior year of high school was the first time I was seriously discipled by someone. Even though the previous curriculum I went through was amazing, my discipleship experiences were limited by larger group sizes that made meetings more impersonal. I was satisfied with what I had experienced those years, but never knew what it was like to be discipled on a more personal basis. Continue reading

3 Easy Ideas to Get Your New Small Group Talking

As summer is winding down our student ministry has been gearing up for an incredible year. For us, this largely means new small groups!! Our assignments came out last week and I was super excited to find out that I am teaching freshman girls. Not to mention– I have a rock star co-leader (HEY Natalie!).

Even though I’ve done this for years, I’ll be honest and admit that starting a new small group always makes me a little nervous. Each group is so different and I have no idea what personalities are going to walk in the door. I, however, want to do everything I can to establish a small group culture that values discussion.

So what do you do if your new small group just stares at you when you ask a question? Here are a few ideas to help your girls wake up (if you’re fighting the 8am sleepiness) and get ready to engage with the material!

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When A Girl Rebels

I remember sitting across the table from her as she updated me on the latest relationship news. It was not pretty, pure nor praiseworthy. By that point, the “that’s not going to satisfy you” conversation had been run into the ground. She knew I disagreed with her decisions. She knew what she was doing was wrong. It just didn’t matter. She didn’t want to change.

It’s one of the most painful parts of girls ministry. Watching girls you’ve loved and discipled rebel can make you feel so helpless. What do you do? If you’ve tried to persuade her until you’re blue in the face to no avail, what’s next?  While there are multiple ways you can move forward, there are three things you should not do.

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Group Charades

Game Description:

Group Charades adds a fun twist to the normal game of charades as the audience actually acts out the words while the person on stage guesses. It’s a fun (and pretty successful way) to get everyone up and moving. You can even turn this student ministry game into a grades competition if you are working with a large group (ex. the 6th graders act out words for the 6th grade representative on stage etc.).

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3 Encouragements for the Ignored Mom

I know you love your daughter more than she could possibly imagine. You are her biggest fan. Yet some days it seems she thinks you’re against her – days when the morning seems to inevitably start off with another battle. Eye rolls, exclamations of “you just don’t get it” or maybe the shoulder shrug as she indifferently turns and heads for her room.

You wonder if you’re somehow failing at this whole mom thing. Sometimes you feel that you’ve said too little. Other times you wonder if you’ve said too much and have pushed her away. You want to have a good relationship with her, but determining how to be her parent first and her friend second is rarely black and white.

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Play-Doh Pictionary

Game Description:

Play-Doh Pictionary is a super easy game to explain and works great for when you want a student ministry game that gets students interacting in small groups. It does require some pre-planning as the Pictionary words have to be cut into slips for each team, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

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