Icebreaker Ideas – Battle of the Sexes!

Icebreakers can be a life saver in discipleship groups. New leaders often dread the thought of trying to lead a group where everyone refuses to talk. Let’s face it – that’s awkward and uncomfortable.

Luckily if you can get girls talking at the beginning of the meeting, you set the tone for the rest of the time. To do this, you can set yourself up for success by beginning your discipleship group with an icebreaker.

Icebreaker Example – Battle of the Sexes

Currently I am discipling three high school seniors and we are going through a study called True Woman 101: Divine Design. The study is on biblical womanhood so it can be deep and a lot of information to process. To mix things up this past week, I showed the girls a couple commercials to spark conversation on society’s subtle messages about gender.  These are the two commercials I used.

(I would recommend stopping the Always commercial at 0:37 and discussing the questions below. When you finish them all, you can transition back to the commercial with a sentence like “So let’s watch the rest of the Always commercial and see what things could look like…” The end of the video will do a great job of driving the point home.)

Discussion Questions:

  1. In the M&Ms commercial, how were the males portrayed? How were the females portrayed?
  2. In the Always commercial, how did people respond when told to run like a girl? How does this reflect how girls can be stereotyped?
  3. In each commercial, you see one gender put down.The men are portrayed as stupid and dumb in one and the girls are portrayed as weak and inferior in the other. What are some reasons people feel the need to put down the opposite gender instead of valuing the differing strengths God has given us?
  4. What are ways you notice yourself or other girls putting down guys at your school? How can you value them and the roles God gave them as men?

The Results

This icebreaker worked great in my discipleship group. Truthfully I’ve had these girls for about six months so getting them to talk isn’t really an issue 😉 It was rewarding, however, to get feedback like “Hmm…I’ve never actually thought about it that way.”

All in all – I highly recommend this icebreaker. Not only does it spark conversation, but it pushes girls to critically examine the messages society is sending.

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