The Clap Game

Game Description:

The Clap Game is a spin on the old “Hot/Cold” game. It quickly stirs up a lot of laughter and involves the whole audience in addition to the person on stage!

Materials Needed:

  • 1 projector & screens
  • Ideas of actions for the person on stage to do (I used this slide –  Clap Game)


  1. Choose one person to be on stage and have them leave the room so they can’t see or hear what is going on.
  2. Allow the audience to choose one action as a group for the person on stage to do when he/she returns (Doing a push up, hugging the host etc.)
  3. Have the person come back in the room and try to guess what they are supposed to do by walking around, touching things or performing random actions.
  4. The group is to clap louder and faster the closer the person on stage gets to completing their task. No talking or clues are allowed.

This student ministry game was originally found at

Additional Game Ideas:
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