A Review of Divine Design: A Bible Study on Biblical Womanhood


From the Supreme Court decision to the recent decisions at Target, gender is a hot topic and society is sending major messages about how it should be viewed. These messages have prompted many conversations – conversations filled with honest, hard, vulnerable yet good questions. It’s a discussion girls want to join – and Divine Design is a great place to start! The study is an excellent introduction to the subject of gender and a great Bible study option for a girls discipleship group.

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Week 3: Planning the First Few Weeks

You’re excited!! You have put together your discipleship group and are prepping for your first few meetings. You know what you want to cover, but how do you make sure your time makes an impact and isn’t one of the many pointless meetings you have attended? Or how do you start accomplishing the goals you have for them or helping them grow closer with each other? Read below for three keys to success your first few weeks!

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Finding God in Desperate Places: When Hurt, Heartbreak & Hard Times Surround

There are moments in life when the rug gets pulled right out from under you. Moments that take your breath away – whether it is a job layoff, miscarriage, divorce or one of the many relationship troubles that range from betrayal to abandonment.

These desperate moments remind us how little control we have in life. We feel small, vulnerable and unsafe. There are no easy fixes – sometimes just a dark valley ahead that stretches as far as you can see. So if your heart feels a little bruised today or you know someone who is barely hanging on – I hope you can find a little rest in these hope-filled truths.

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