Line It Up Game

Game Description:

Super easy. Super simple. No materials necessary. When you’re in a rush – this game can be your saving grace.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 projector & screens (if you want to display the tasks for the audience to see)
  • Blindfolds (optional)


Pick two teams of 5-10 students and bring them to the front of the room. When both teams are ready, you will call out a category and each team has to get themselves in the correct order. The first team to accomplish this gets a point. Best out of five wins!

Possible Categories:

  • how many football games you attended this year
  • how many siblings you have
  • how many pets you have
  • alphabetically by middle name
  • by height
  • by number of people in your immediate family
  • by month you were born
  • how many cavities you’ve had
  • how many pairs of shoes you own
  • by birth order (youngest, middle, oldest)
  • alphabetically by first name
  • how many team sports you have played this year
  • darkest hair color to lightest
  • how many times you went out to eat this week
  • by number of cousins
  • how many books you’ve read this year
  • by age
  • how many bones you’ve broken
  • shirt colors lightest to darkest
  • by shoe size
  • alphabetically by last name


To spice things up if you decide to play this for multiple weeks, you can…

  • No talking allowed! The team must figure out the order in silence.
  • Blindfold a member or two of the team. Each team is responsible for guiding that player to their right spot.

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