A Review of Divine Design: A Bible Study on Biblical Womanhood


From the Supreme Court decision to the recent decisions at Target, gender is a hot topic and society is sending major messages about how it should be viewed. These messages have prompted many conversations – conversations filled with honest, hard, vulnerable yet good questions. It’s a discussion girls want to join – and Divine Design is a great place to start! The study is an excellent introduction to the subject of gender and a great Bible study option for a girls discipleship group.

For those who are considering using the study, here is an overview of my thoughts-


  • Clear explanation of the differences between manhood & womanhood (while not falling into stereotypes)
  • Excellent parallels of a marriage between a man and a woman and the relationship Christ has with the church
  • Addresses the common (yet often unspoken) feeling that God loves women less
  • Good balance of addressing those who are married as well as girls who are single
  • Week five was very insightful as they addressed how sin affects us differently based on gender
  • Created opportunities for meaningful discussion (this icebreaker worked great too!)



  • The online sessions are mediocre. I taught tidbits that I liked in them, but never showed them in group. The content in the videos especially doesn’t translate well to high school girls.
  • There is a LOT of content & I was concerned my girls would get overwhelmed by information and absorb little. For this reason, I taught from outlines I created each week to highlight points I wanted them to remember.
  • The practical application for them as high school students was hard to illustrate at times. I just found out there is a teen version, but I haven’t read it yet.


The Bottom Line:

Divine Design ranks in the top five books I currently recommend for high school girls – especially juniors and seniors. It will challenge girls who have grown up in church to wrestle with what they believe Scripture teaches about the hotly debated subject of gender.



Here is my outline for Divine Design – Week 1!
(Note: The outline above has been written by me and is not endorsed by the book or website.)


Have a question about this Bible study or comments after having done it yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


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