Kahoot! – The Game for Ultimate Interaction

Game Description:

Kahoot has quickly become a favorite in my list of student ministry games to pull out. It seems to be widely used in school classrooms and I think it is a very helpful tool we can use in churches and small groups as well.

There are two things I love about Kahoot –

  1. Age Friendly – My senior girls are just as excited to play it as my freshman girls.
  2. Educational – It is a great way to incorporate a cumulative review as well as announcements (because we all know that no one really listens to announcements).

If you’re thinking “What is Kahoot?!” I’ve attached some pictures below to help you visualize this audience multiple choice game.

Materials Needed:

  • Kahoot Quiz (you will need to make this before you teach or use a premade one)
  • Computer
  • TV & HDMI cord (if you need to project the quiz for a larger group)

Students will need to use a cell phone with internet access to participate.


  1. Go to GetKahoot.com and sign up!
  2. Create a new Kahoot quiz or use a pre-made one.
  3. Click play. A new screen will come up with a game pin.
  4. Have the girls use their phones to get on the internet. In their Internet browser, they will need to go to “kahoot.it” and enter the game ID.
  5. Have the girls enter a nickname. (Note: If they choose anything inappropriate, you can click the nickname on your screen and they will be removed from the game and will have to choose a new name.
  6. Click start when ready.
  7. The girls will answer the questions on their phone. They will earn points for getting the correct answer and how quickly they answered it.

Your computer screen will look like this…

What they see on their phones will look like this…

Helpful Tips:

  • Choosing a nickname seems to be a big deal and I’ve learned it can eat a lot of time. To help move the game along, I tell larger groups that I am starting the game in two minutes (ready or not). This quickens the process and students can join mid-game if they don’t finish in time.
  • Students love to see themselves so almost every week I include a picture of the group in a “no points” question with directions to study the picture carefully. Then in the next question the picture is not shown and I ask them a random question about the picture.
  • This game works best with high school students who have cell phones. Theoretically students can play in teams so you could include students who don’t have phones, but I haven’t seen teams work very well.

To see one of the Kahoots I’ve used, click here!

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