Choosing the “Bright Sadness” of Lent

When Pursuit Has Left You Weary & Looking for More

Ding – the familiar sound sends my fingers scurrying to the computer tab that simply says Facebook (1). It’s become an automatic response – rushing to see what social media has to say about me.

It can be an insidious pursuit for approval or comfort that slips in a thousand different ways. Whether it’s watching the number of likes on an Instagram photo, an impulse shopping trip or sneaking the fourth triple chocolate brownie – the pursuit appears full of promise. Yet I find myself empty, weary and worn.

Ironically, lent appears devoid and empty – a place of lack, discomfort and denial. No instant gratification, no easy answers nor applause from others. It is a place that demands transparency and reveals motives – a place only the Lord can fully enter. So the question becomes – is this place of lack where my soul could truly thrive?

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Icebreaker – Newlywed Game (Friendship Style)

Icebreaker Description

This student ministry game or icebreaker is very similar to the classic newlywed game with a friendship twist. Instead of married couples competing, two best friends play against two other best friends.

It can be a great opener for a lesson on friendship (I’ve used it before teaching Proverbs 13:20). Just be prepared for lots of laughter and “are you kidding me?!” looks as their answers differ!

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A Review of Becoming God’s True Woman – A Devotional on Biblical Womanhood for Girls



I bought God’s True Woman because I loved the study Divine Design and took three high school girls through it. The girls loved the Divine Design study and often had some “Wow…I never thought of that” moments – but some weeks lacked clear application. I was considering this devotional/Bible study for teens as an alternative if it did a better job tailoring the subject to that age group.

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