A Review of Becoming God’s True Woman – A Devotional on Biblical Womanhood for Girls



I bought God’s True Woman because I loved the study Divine Design and took three high school girls through it. The girls loved the Divine Design study and often had some “Wow…I never thought of that” moments – but some weeks lacked clear application. I was considering this devotional/Bible study for teens as an alternative if it did a better job tailoring the subject to that age group.

Yet I was surprised by the lack of teaching on gender in Becoming God’s True Woman.

The 35-day devotional covers the equal but different concept, how men and women are the same and the differing roles of each gender. All of this is primarily covered in ten days of the devotion. Then after several general Christian living devotions you begin a study on the prostitute in Proverbs 7 which includes important topics like modesty, materialism and boundaries. These sections are stronger in application in comparison to Divine Design, but resulted in some of the best teaching on biblical womanhood such as how sin affects each gender differently and parallels between marriage and Christ and the Church being left out.

For those who are considering using the devotion, here is an overview of my thoughts- 


  • Content is a good introduction to biblical womanhood and the overall role of a woman.
  • Provides a good explanation of how men & women are equal but different
  • Application is much clearer as most girls are wrestling with issues like modesty, sexual purity and materialism.
  • The journaling pages at the end of each devotion provide great opportunities to engage with the material.


  • The study lacks content depth. This is a good introduction, but most upper high school girls can handle a more detailed study.
  • I would redesign the book’s cover. It may seem small, but often when beginning a study on biblical womanhood I have to quickly explain that it does not mean that a girl has to be “girly.” The cover, however, is very girly.
  • The design inside with the flowers and lady bugs also seems to miss the target audience of high school girls. I would have guessed it was written for early middle school.

The Bottom Line:

Becoming God’s True Woman would be a great option for a girl just starting daily quiet times as the devotions are short (4 pages – two devotional pages and two journaling pages) and the information is easy to understand. It’s a good starting point, but you will want other resources for a rich understanding of biblical womanhood.

Additional Resources:

3 thoughts on “A Review of Becoming God’s True Woman – A Devotional on Biblical Womanhood for Girls

  1. toocomfortableblog says:

    I love the idea of your blog and your articles. I cant wait to see what else you write! You have a new sub in me 🙂 My blog is similar in that it is all about being too comfortable for the sake of the gospel.


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