Icebreaker – Newlywed Game (Friendship Style)

Icebreaker Description

This student ministry game or icebreaker is very similar to the classic newlywed game with a friendship twist. Instead of married couples competing, two best friends play against two other best friends.

It can be a great opener for a lesson on friendship (I’ve used it before teaching Proverbs 13:20). Just be prepared for lots of laughter and “are you kidding me?!” looks as their answers differ!

Materials Needed

  • White paper
  • Markers



  1. Pick two pairs of best friends (Team 1: Girl A & B; Team 2: Girl C & D)
  2. Each girl gets five sheets of paper and a marker.
  3. Read the first question. Girls A & C write down the answer that best reflects them. Girls B & D write down the answer they think is true of their friend.
  4. Have both teams reveal their answers. If the team has the same answer (i.e. Girls A & B have the same answer), they earn one point. Repeat process with the next four questions.
  5. If time allows, begin a second round with the next five questions. In the second round, Girls B & D pick the answer that best describes them. Girls A & C pick the answer they think is true of their friend.


Possible Questions

1. How did your friend meet you:
A. School
B. Church
C. Through your parents
D. None of the above

2. My friend would prefer a gift card to:
A. Target
B. Chick-fil-a
C. Dress Up
D. None of the Above

3. For vacation, my friend would prefer to:
A. Go to the mountains
B. Go to the beach
C. Go to Paris
D. Stay at home

4. If I had to compare my friend to a famous person, I would say she was most like:
A. Emma Watson
B. Jennifer Lawrence
C. Ellen DeGeneres
D. Hilary Clinton

5. When going to prom, my friend will be:
A. Right on time
B. 15 minutes late
C. She’ll get there eventually…
D. She forgot to buy her ticket.

6. My friend’s favorite type of movie is:
A. A love story
B. A comedy
C. A drama
D. A horror

7. If your friend had to eat one food the rest of their life, they would choose:
A. Pizza
B. Chick-fil-a
C. Steak
D. Tofu

8. For a date, your friend would prefer to:
A. Relax at a local coffee shop
B. Enjoy a long walk at the beach
C. Hike a 14,000 foot mountain
D. Stay home

9. My friend’s driving can (or one day will) be best described as:
A. Driving with grandma
B. Fast and furious!
C. Jesus, take the wheel!
D. Traveling with the Driver’s ED teacher

10. In a group text, your friend is most likely to
A. Give her opinion right away
B. Read and say nothing
C. Like every message posted
D. Mute or leave the group message

Tiebreaker Question

How long have you known each other? (The team with the closest answer to each other wins!)


Music Recommendations

I’m all about background music so I compiled this short playlist before playing with my girls! You can view the playlist here!

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