When It Can’t Be Made Right & the Pain Hasn’t Been Worth It

In loving memory of Christina Semeria

By no coincidence, I was scheduled to begin the book of Job the morning of April 28, 2016.  I had not yet heard anything about the tragedy at UGA. Yet the pages of Scripture quietly walked me into a scene of deep authentic faith – where a godly man loses his wealth, children and health yet profoundly chooses to whisper in the dark depths of grief “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

The Lord never misses a detail when it comes to preparing our hearts for what is ahead.

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Spiritually Preparing Seniors for College – 3 Conversations to Have (Part 2)

“I’m not going to fall away. That’s the last thing I’d do. Faith is central to me.” The camera filmed as he stated exactly what so many students think after graduating high school. Then he continued “…that bubble burst within months.”

The typical eight-hour school schedule, face-to-face conversations with parents and familiar community will largely vanish in just a few short months. High school seniors are about to write their own story. From the party scene to classes to relationships, the power to decide will be in their hands. They now sit in the driver’s seat.

They are finishing a known chapter and simultaneously preparing for an unknown one. Often more open to advice in this uncomfortable transition, there are three last conversations I try to have…

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