3 Fun, Small & Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your College Student

“I’m stress eating.”

I couldn’t help, but laugh! So far the group text with my college girls had been full of excitement about rush, the sororities they had picked and the new friends they had made. Life had drastically changed for them.

In the midst of this excitement though an inconvenient thing called classes had started. Syllabus shock was here. Professors had laid out every single assignment and test for the next several months and the reality check of what all had to happen in the next year had arrived.

Her story is common. After the initial rush of excitement, it’s not uncommon for a college student to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, lonely and/or out of place. There has been a LOT of new the past few weeks and it can leave a longing for something familiar and comfortable.

Transitioning Well

I strongly believe in staying connected to your girls during their college transition. Yet it’s easier said than done.


It’s easier when you get face time with them every week. You can intentionally set aside time to build college ready exercises into your lessons (see here or here for two of mine), but how do I love them well from far away?

This question got me thinking of little ways I could say “I am thinking of you and I love you.” In the process, it occurred to me that if you ask any college student what they want to receive in college the frequent answer is MAIL! So after some digging, I pulled out a few of my favorites. You’ll find them below!


3 Fun, Small & Inexpensive Gifts for Your College Student

  1. Cheryl’s Cookie Cards

Perhaps the most annoying thing about mail is that the amount you pay in shipping is often equal to the value of the gift.

design-14This is one of the reasons I LOVE Cheryl’s Cookie Cards.

I was SO excited when I realized I could send each of my girls a decorated cookie for $5.99. And yes – $5.99 does include shipping! The store also does have a couple gluten free cookies of which one of my girls said “[it was] like legit probably the best gluten free cookie I’ve ever had.” Not too bad of a review haha


  1. Postable Personalized Cards

I also found Postable has a wide variety of greeting cards I can send! One of my

favorite aspects of Postable is that I can schedule a letter to be sent in advance.


If you can be forgetful (like me!), you can actually write and schedule the letter to be mailed at a later date so you never miss a birthday or a special event.


The downside of Postable is you are not able to personally sign the card as you have to type your message, but to me it has been worth it!


  1. Miss Spa Face Masks

I must confess…1) I have never used these face masks and 2) This only works if you have Amazon Prime.

design-15I just couldn’t leave them off of the list because I’ll never forget a 11:30pm run to Walmart when my body sternly reminded me I was not a college student anymore, yet my girls and I had such a great time building gingerbread houses and having a spa night with face masks.

Spa masks are such an inexpensive option for a great girls night…or study break. With Amazon Prime, the Miss Spa Oxygenating Bubble Mask costs $5.00 shipped + tax.

Have you found any small, fun gifts you like to send? I’d love to hear your ideas below!

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