Meet Katie

Katie Profile 2 Never in a million years did I think I would be passionate about discipleship or girls ministry.

I said “never!” in college. I’m not the loud, crazy personality. I hate stage games with a passion. I’m not silly and hate being the center of attention. Gosh, there were so many reasons why this was not a good idea…yet I think God just laughed.

It took one summer as a WinShape camp counselor to change my mind. As the girls I led bubbled over with questions about how to know God and study their Bible – I was ruined. That summer was the beginning of a new journey – filled with dance parties after major victories, tears as girls I loved strayed and so many moments in between. Ministering to girls is not easy, but it has been a joy unlike anything I have ever experienced.  And if you’re even slightly interested in the idea of discipling the next generation, I want to offer any help I can to help you lead them well.


Meet the Team

Over the past four years, I have worked with incredible high school girls across the country. I am so proud of them and believe they are the leaders of the next generation. It has been a fascinating, exciting (albeit a little nerve-wracking) past few years as I have watched them launch out after graduating high school and impacting their peers in a growing number of states.

They are a critical and irreplaceable part of Discipling Girls. I have learned so much from them as a leader and am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of their story. I am thrilled that you will get to hear some of their stories and see a few of their many talents as well. So keep your eye out for blog posts and beautiful photos from them. They’re pretty amazing!

Thanks again for checking out Discipling Girls. We are excited you are here.