Icebreaker – Newlywed Game (Friendship Style)

Icebreaker Description

This student ministry game or icebreaker is very similar to the classic newlywed game with a friendship twist. Instead of married couples competing, two best friends play against two other best friends.

It can be a great opener for a lesson on friendship (I’ve used it before teaching Proverbs 13:20). Just be prepared for lots of laughter and “are you kidding me?!” looks as their answers differ!

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A Review of Becoming God’s True Woman – A Devotional on Biblical Womanhood for Girls



I bought God’s True Woman because I loved the study Divine Design and took three high school girls through it. The girls loved the Divine Design study and often had some “Wow…I never thought of that” moments – but some weeks lacked clear application. I was considering this devotional/Bible study for teens as an alternative if it did a better job tailoring the subject to that age group.

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How to Count When the Scale Screams Defeat

“You’re not thin, but you’re definitely not fat.” They were eight simple words out of the mouth of my high school crush. In the context of the conversation, he wasn’t being a jerk. He was complaining about his weight and I asked him what he thought of me. In retrospect – for a young high school guy – he actually navigated his response quite well.

Yet in my freshman girl’s heart, his words translated to “You’re not good enough” and I instantly concluded “If I lose weight, he might love me.”

It was an insidious belief. A number on a scale became the deciding factor of whether I was beautiful. It was a lie – a lie that suffocated and wrapped tightly around my heart.

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When 2016 Leaves You Thinking – “What Am I Doing With My Life?”

One of my best friends is crazy talented – and it’s not just a friend bias. At the high school where she teaches, the student body voted her rookie teacher of the year. Administrators who observe her lessons marvel. Her students adore her. Her test scores are incredible.

Her walls are covered in gold medals from gymnastics. The collection continues to grow as she wins blue ribbons with her new hobby of horseback riding. She’s a gifted writer, always dressed to the nines, brave, fierce and strong.

And you know what I feel – jealousy.

For over a year and a half I’ve been recovering from extreme burnout – healing from a dream that turned out to be a complete nightmare. Instead of ribbons and accolades, the road has been filled with failure, tears and mourning.

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Week 5: Finishing Well

With a full school year ahead, it seems odd talking about finishing well in September – yet even as a twentysomething I have seen how quickly time passes. The end arrives and we exclaim how vividly we could remember day one!

Since we all know how elusive time can be, it’s important to intentionally prepare for the finish line. There is a beauty that comes with celebrating the end of a season. It’s always bittersweet – the collide of thankfulness, sadness, good memories and unknowns. As a leader, what do you say? What is important to cover in your final meeting?

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A Review of Divine Design: A Bible Study on Biblical Womanhood


From the Supreme Court decision to the recent decisions at Target, gender is a hot topic and society is sending major messages about how it should be viewed. These messages have prompted many conversations – conversations filled with honest, hard, vulnerable yet good questions. It’s a discussion girls want to join – and Divine Design is a great place to start! The study is an excellent introduction to the subject of gender and a great Bible study option for a girls discipleship group.

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