A Review of Becoming God’s True Woman – A Devotional on Biblical Womanhood for Girls



I bought God’s True Woman because I loved the study Divine Design and took three high school girls through it. The girls loved the Divine Design study and often had some “Wow…I never thought of that” moments – but some weeks lacked clear application. I was considering this devotional/Bible study for teens as an alternative if it did a better job tailoring the subject to that age group.

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A Review of Divine Design: A Bible Study on Biblical Womanhood


From the Supreme Court decision to the recent decisions at Target, gender is a hot topic and society is sending major messages about how it should be viewed. These messages have prompted many conversations – conversations filled with honest, hard, vulnerable yet good questions. It’s a discussion girls want to join – and Divine Design is a great place to start! The study is an excellent introduction to the subject of gender and a great Bible study option for a girls discipleship group.

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