How To Talk to Students About Bullying

The Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why stayed off my radar for weeks. I heard people mention the show’s title, but I completely missed the show’s premise and thought it was just a movie.

Then I heard my girls were watching it. Cue popcorn and a movie – only I found it wasn’t a movie. It also wasn’t a typical love story. It was 13 hours of heaviness – of taking serious issues faced by students and showing them handled in a disastrous manner.

As the story unfolded, the harsh reality of bullying was one of the main themes that took center stage. Rumors, rejection and being left out resonated with students yet they were left with no guidance as to their options. In the TV series the main character Hannah chooses suicide. If this isn’t the only solution, how do we talk to students about bullying? What do they need to know?

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Teaching Students How to Pray

Prayer can be beautiful and raw yet also daunting. It reminds me of my vulnerability. It shatters my illusion of control. It runs completely against my instincts.

Instead of hurry, I am told to wait.

Instead of work, I am told to rest.

Instead of worry, I am told to believe.

The vulnerability of prayer, however, ushers me into an intimacy with God that can be found no other way. It is a key spiritual discipline that leads to spiritual maturity.

3 Resources to Help You Teach Students How to Pray

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