Icebreaker – Newlywed Game (Friendship Style)

Icebreaker Description

This student ministry game or icebreaker is very similar to the classic newlywed game with a friendship twist. Instead of married couples competing, two best friends play against two other best friends.

It can be a great opener for a lesson on friendship (I’ve used it before teaching Proverbs 13:20). Just be prepared for lots of laughter and “are you kidding me?!” looks as their answers differ!

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Icebreaker Ideas – Battle of the Sexes!

Icebreakers can be a life saver in discipleship groups. New leaders often dread the thought of trying to lead a group where everyone refuses to talk. Let’s face it – that’s awkward and uncomfortable.

Luckily if you can get girls talking at the beginning of the meeting, you set the tone for the rest of the time. To do this, you can set yourself up for success by beginning your discipleship group with an icebreaker.

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