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Why Millennials Don't Stick At Your Church     dear mom icon.png

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A Note From Katie

To the one who is often leader, friend, mom and mentor-

Wow – what a journey discipleship can be! It is a journey that is rarely black and white. There are no Scripture passages that command specifically how girls should be discipled. There is no checklist to go by or list of rules to follow. So while it is critical for His Word to be studied, there still remains many ways to do it. What you will see on these pages is only a few of those ways.

I hope these resources and articles encourage you. I hope they equip you. I hope they give you a window into the worldview of the next generation.

I hope they help you refine a way to disciple girls that maximizes the gifts and talents that the Lord has given you.

I want to go ahead and answer a couple questions for you. No – you’re not too old. No – you’re not too “uncool.” No – your past doesn’t disqualify you.

God can use you if you are willing.

It isn’t easy and can get quite messy but it is always, however, worth it.

I hope you’ll join me as we trust the Lord together with the journeys of our girls.