Opinions vary widely when it comes to what material should be done in a discipleship group. Some insist on using the Bible only while others may lean more towards the assistance they find in Bible studies. It’s not an argument I’ve felt is necessary to the church body. As long as the material is centered on Scripture, I think you can feel confident choosing either.

Girls Ministry Curriculum

There are thousands of Bible studies one can choose from and it’s hard to know what will be beneficial and what will be mostly fluff. In the future, I am planning to do some in-depth reviews of these studies/books. Keep checking back for additional resources!

Studies for High School Girls

These are my top 5 favorite studies for high school girls! Just as a FYI – Seven Checkpoints is actually written for student ministry leaders, but I believed it worthwhile to go through with a discipleship group of girls anyway. When the book said “students often…” I did a reality check with them because the truth was that phrase could often be changed to “people often…”

Studies for Middle School Girls

(Disclaimer: I have not personally used Salvaging My Identity with middle school girls, but a friend I love dearly has!)

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