Never Unfriended by Lisa-Jo Baker – A Book Review


Sandy and Kate were my 2nd grade best friends. It was my first year in public school and they accepted homeschooled seven-year-old me in their friend group (despite my embarrassing habit of crying every morning because I was afraid to leave my mom). We hung out at recess, sat beside each other at lunch and hung out at each other’s houses on the weekends.

We were the three Musketeers until the day of our “big” fight. Recess turned us from friends to foes as multiple messengers ran back and forth exchanging messages regarding who was no longer friends with who. Our friendship was officially declared over. This ending segued lots of tears and a trip straight to the school counselor’s office.

The school counselor, however, worked her magic and we were all friends and back in class within a few minutes. If only friendships stayed that easy…

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A Review of Becoming God’s True Woman – A Devotional on Biblical Womanhood for Girls



I bought God’s True Woman because I loved the study Divine Design and took three high school girls through it. The girls loved the Divine Design study and often had some “Wow…I never thought of that” moments – but some weeks lacked clear application. I was considering this devotional/Bible study for teens as an alternative if it did a better job tailoring the subject to that age group.

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A Review of Divine Design: A Bible Study on Biblical Womanhood


From the Supreme Court decision to the recent decisions at Target, gender is a hot topic and society is sending major messages about how it should be viewed. These messages have prompted many conversations – conversations filled with honest, hard, vulnerable yet good questions. It’s a discussion girls want to join – and Divine Design is a great place to start! The study is an excellent introduction to the subject of gender and a great Bible study option for a girls discipleship group.

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