Resources for Those Wounded by the Church

For those walking the journey of church wounds – regardless of whether you are tired, hurt, burned out or a combination of all three – I wanted to share with you some (hopefully) encouraging resources as you walk this deeply intimate and personal season with the Lord. Don’t give up. His story never ends in ashes.

“God is in the darkness and God is in the wilderness. I now know that by personal experience.” -Ann Graham Lotz

Recommended Articles

Healing from Church Wounds by Sheri Dacon
How to Deal with Wounding in the Church by Courtney Joseph
How to Serve in a Church Without Losing Your Soul by Scott Savage
Dear You Who Feels Wounded by Ann Voskamp

Recommended Books


A Worship Playlist

A Program for Those Getting Back on Their Feet

City of Refuge – A restorative program intended to help pastors heal while also helping them provide for their families. I love First Baptist Woodstock and have attended both as a member in addition to working on staff.  (This page is currently under construction, but should be back up soon. If you need immediate assistance, contact the church office).